2013. október 24., csütörtök

My new fav and updates

So this is my new favourite, a tiny rustic basket (made of buff and brown willow) with two small handles.
Did you know that small handles are actually more difficult to make than big ones? On one hand, they have to be identical as possible; on the other hand, it is tricky to twist and squeeze the willow sticks into such small structures...but it is definitely worth it, I love the way this one turned out for example!
For those of you who live in the Oxford area, I am prodly announcing that I will be exhibiting my rustic baskets (amoung other exciting creations) in the South of England Agricultural Showground between 14th and 17th November. I will be collecting email addresses of possible students for an upcoming local workshop as well.

2013. szeptember 24., kedd

As I promised...

Here is another contemporary basket I've been working on lately!
The small basket is made of brown and buff willow and it can be used to store wooden spoons or other kitchen utensils; the handle is rather "contemporary"...it is made of a thick willow stick I found on the way home :) I already sold this piece, but will probably make more; I kinda enjoy making small items these days!

2013. szeptember 14., szombat

Not another fairy?!

Well, yes :) I am still obsessed with these felt fairies! My latest favourite is Miss Carrotta; just looove the way her hair turned out...for which, I used wool yarn this time.
She even has a little organge butterfly in her hair!
The fairy is 100% handcrafted, made of quality merino wool and recycled organza fabric.
Don't worry, I haven't given up basket making either, next time will show you some of my latest items!

2013. augusztus 28., szerda

A rustic-contemporary basket

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you my newest creation; a medium sized round basket with a contemporary handle!
The basket, as ususal, is made of natural brown willow; for the handle piece I used a slightly curved piece of willow that I found in the woods. The basket is ideal for storing apples, potatoes, onions, nuts, etc. at home.
What do you think?

2013. augusztus 22., csütörtök

Lavender maces!

I have been making these lavender "maces" lately using the lavender flowers I picked a couple of weeks ago...it is almost as relaxing as basketmaking :)
The good thing about these maces is that due to the tight weaving, they keep the dry flowers inside; the maces can be used as decorative items, or could be hung in your closet as a protection against moths.
They smell heavenly!

2013. augusztus 15., csütörtök

A small oval basket for the environmentally conscious!

Why is it ideal for the eco-friendly user?
Well, due to it's reasonable size (approx. 15 cm X 38 cm) you won't be throwing any unnecessary items into it...only what you really need :)
The oval shaped "rustic" looking basket was made of buff and brown willow; you definitely won't mistake it for someone else's basket, I guarantee :)

Should you be interested in making your own rustic basket, I am running workshops in the Leamington Spa and Oxford area this autumn. To book your place and find out more about my one day courses, please send me an email!

2013. július 26., péntek

Lavender harvest and workshop update!

I just spent two wonderful days at Central-Europe's largest lake called Balaton; besides swimming in the refreshing water I went to pick lavender at a local organic lavender farm.
It was incredibly hot and the field was like a purple sea, busy with thousands of  bees, butterflies and all sorts of strange-looking flying insects buzzing away...this is how I imagine Provance must look like, altough I have never been there...

As for my basket making workshops, I am only running one beginner's course in the UK this summer; it will be held on 24th, August at the Foundry Wood in Leamington Spa.
Should you be interested, please let me know by sending an email!